Apartments for short term rentals in Cathedral


The project to transform two former open-plan offices 140 e 120 square meters in two spectacular residential apartments, placed in close proximity to Piazza del Duomo in Milan, It was an opportunity to confront both the demands of properties and tenants, ten years leading to Milan in the short term rentals in the center of the medium-high target, that with recent changes to the building code, which provides the opportunity to free windows on the façade and create local service completely blind, if equipped with specific air treatment plants. They were built from scratch, with scores in acoustically insulated plasterboard and fine finishes, seven double bedrooms, five bathrooms, two laundry rooms, two large kitchens and spacious living rooms; an entire floor divided into two large apartments also suitable for residences and long-term rentals.
The design work has focused on close and harmonious design of the interior spaces, It tended to compositional clarity of representation suitable for environments also endowed with a certain dose of seductive sensuality; Also the blackout New ducted air conditioning systems, mechanized controlled ventilation, thermohydraulic and electrical installations, satellite systems. Through a very detailed final design and careful planning of the works - the power is nothing without control - the well-proven team He has made the work of complete refurbishment in just four months working, in advance of the scheduled delivery and no additional unanticipated significant specifications.

Project and D.L.:
Team of construction:
(Photo: Marco Carloni)