beauty and tatoo Center. Via Castel Morrone, Milano

Within twenty years an austere building in Via Castel Morrone in Milan a small office on the first floor of an inner courtyard has been transformed into an elegant and aesthetic rehabilitation center, changing and adapting to local regulations.
It is a workplace which hosts innovative permanent pigmentation treatment of epidermal imperfections - such as post-operative scars - particular attention was paid, in compliance with the stringent regulations for Lombard tatoo centers, elementally of as much as possible the idea of ​​a medical center, in order to put you at ease future patients.
By operating on patients supine or prone position, Particular attention was paid to the design of suspended ceilings, concealing numerous plants (ducted air conditioning, mechanized and controlled ventilation), lights, always indirect, and floors, large format with "grit" effect.
The rounded entrance, an internal frame of drawing, which refers to an external showcase, muted colors, creamy white to pink old, the plaster decorations and brass fixtures, chosen by the client, They tend to expand as much as possible the spaciousness of this elegant corner of "Old Milan".


Project and construction management: